Bombardier Class 172

Case Study

In August 2018 Petards was awarded a contract to supply Bombardier Transportation with eyeTrain systems as part of the West Midlands Trains operated Class 172 modification programme. The scope of work included Driver Controlled Operation (DCO), Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO), Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) network infrastructure and an option for correct side door enable (CSDE).



Supply of equipment to 20 x 2 car sets and 15 x 3 car sets.

Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)

Optimising fleet performance, the eyeTrain APC can be used to prevent under and over occupancy and advise passengers of seat availability, with an accuracy typically 99%.

The system determines passenger flow in both directions through vertical infra red detectors positioned at all vehicle doors, allowing the movement of passengers to be studied on a car by car and door by door basis.

The collected passenger load data is automatically combined with the vehicle name/number, station location plus time and date fields at a central data server, allowing you to set timetables and routes that match the measured passenger demand. The customer has an option to host data independently or via a third party.

It improves passenger experience, safety and maximises the profitability of the fleet.

Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO)

The eyeTrain ASDO solution enhances flexibility of the fleet across peak and off peak periods, allowing longer trains to be immediately and safely deployed onto services where short platforms are in place, maximising the availability of rolling stock. The system automatically combines multiple data sources to identify which doors should be locked out at each stopping point without the need for track infrastructure. The system is independent of the trains TCMS which allows for easier retrofit onto existing rolling stock.

Driver Controlled Operation (DCO)

DCO minimises platform dwell time whilst ensuring passenger safety. The DCO system displays clear, live images of each doorway to the train driver, facilitating the safe boarding and alighting of passengers.

The solution provides a significant safety advantage over platform mounted mirrors or screens as the train driver can continue to monitor the side of the train for possible hazards during departure.

Standards Compliance

Our eyeTrain ASDO/DCO solution is developed in accordance with SIL2. eyeTrain ASDO/DCO complies with client approved development processes and: EN 50155, EN 50121, BS EN ISO 14001:2004 (EMS 534323), PAS 99:2012 (IMR 534323), The ‘Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme’ (RISQS) (formerly Achilles Link-up), and ISO 9001:2015 (FM21102).