Back Office Software

A back-office system dedicated to your rail fleet

Harness the power of data to maximise your fleet’s availability, security and maintenance schedule.

eyeTrain Connect – our back-office system – provides a real-time, accurate analysis of your vehicles and on-board equipment, including status, usage and condition data on a train-by-train level. It allows you to monitor and analyse status, condition, and positional data in real-time to help you avoid service delays and reduce the risk and impact of incidents and failures.

eyeTrain Connect also allows you to access and interrogate historical data to identify trends, analyse incidents and make informed decisions regarding your rail fleet.

eyeTrain Connect is designed to support all Petards Rail solutions and can be accessed through any internet enabled device.

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Key features

Your partner for rail technology

As your partner for rail technology, we can support you from the specification of your project through to the installation. We also offer lifetime support of our products for up to 30 years and beyond.


Our experts have their fingers on the pulse of the rail industry, staying abreast of the sector’s evolving needs and industry regulations.


We harness this insight, the profound knowledge of our team and our in-depth understanding of your business to fulfil and anticipate your needs, ensuring you have the most sophisticated solution which best meets your requirements.

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