Our Commitments

Our commitment

to our customers

We are invested in the success and the future of all our customers, and we pride ourselves on developing long and fruitful partnerships. Our experts will work closely with our customers to develop an intricate understanding of their business, as well as their requirements and timeframes, to ensure every customer receives a personalised service and intelligent technology which fulfills all their needs.


Our commitment to our customers:
– Continually capture and be receptive and reactive to feedback.
– To continually invest in developing our technology, people and our service.
– To maintain our industry certifications and exceed industry standards.

Our commitment

to our employees

It is the expertise, passion and talent of our workforce that make us industry leaders. It is therefore important to us that they feel valued. We want every employee to enjoy their work
and to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.


Our commitment to our employees:
– We provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive work environment in which all employees can thrive.
– We are committed to nurturing and retaining staff, supporting them on their career journey with Petards Rail.
– We are open and responsive to the feedback, ideas and opinions of our employees.
– We will maintain our status as a Recognised Service Provider with the Living Wage Foundation.

Our commitment

to the environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and taking a sustainable approach to all that we do. This is
evidenced by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

Our commitment to the environment:
– We source responsibly and take great care to manage our supply chain.
– We implement sustainable best practices in our business, from recycling to reducing energy and waste.
– We make old products new. We design and develop our solutions with longevity and sustainability in mind. Our thousands of products in rolling stock, can be upgraded and modified or recycled meaning our customers can have the latest in technology, without a redundancy in products, and ultimately reducing waste.
– To maintain and grow our quality accreditations.

Our commitment

to the community

We are committed to supporting our local communities and adding value to the areas in which we operate.


Our commitment to the community:
– To create opportunities in our community through local recruitment.
– To bring tangible benefits to the communities in which we operate through CSR activities.
– We advocate for, and support, local STEM initiatives.

Integrated Quality Management

We monitor our business through our effective Integrated Management System covering all PJL activities, including Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001, while working towards Health and Safety; ISO 45001.

Our Defence business holds both AAOS and DAOS accreditation.

The Rail business is a member of RISQS.

Working in the sectors we do; cyber and data security is natural essential. We hold Cyber Essential plus accreditation and continually monitor our processes and procedures against the National Cyber Assessment Framework.


PJL is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its business activities, supporting the UK government’s legal commitment to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.


To fulfil this commitment, we will:

  • Ensure that carbon emissions and environmental resilience are considered in the planning and implementation of business activities
  • Reduce waste production and maximise reuse and recycling across the business
  • Ensure that our supply chain follows these principles

Wherever possible PJL will work with customers, to extend the life of their assets through successful refurbishment or exchange programmes to significantly reduce the asset’s carbon footprint.


At PJL we believe that digital technologies have the potential to deliver significant operational efficiencies, energy savings and reduced waste across Rail and Defence.  Wherever possible we work to increase the use of digital technologies both internally and across our products and services.

Sustainable Procurement

At PJL we are aware of the impact that our purchasing decisions and activities may have, and we strive to ensure these impacts are minimised and where possible are positive.  We are committed to embedding sound sustainable principles within our business and we monitor this through our effective Integrated Management System and through external assessment and accreditation.


We aim to procure sustainable, ethical and responsibly sourced goods and services that not only represent value for money but also have a positive value to society, the economy, and the environment. 


We reduce waste by reducing the quantity of goods and services procured and repairing or reusing existing goods and supporting customers and suppliers to reduce waste across the supply chain.


We manage and reduce carbon and other emissions through the procurement of 100% green energy.


We will advocate for sustainable and ethical procurement amongst our supply chain and partners through our Supplier and Subcontractor on-boarding and management activities.


We endeavour to ensure the necessary and appropriate level of awareness and adherence to this policy by our staff and those who work on our behalf through:

  • Embedding sustainable procurement within our operating procedures.
  • Embedding project sustainable procurement requirements, responsibilities, objectives, and targets within our business plans
  • Through training, development and CPD

We benchmark our policies and procedures against external bodies, continually incorporating improvements in to our business.


At PJL our policy is to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees and to provide appropriate training as needed to enable them to fulfil these aims.


As a provider of vision systems and other equipment for operation in the transport sector, and operational equipment in the Defence sector we fully recognise the extent of our responsibilities to all those people who may be affected by our business activities, and therefore have arrangements in place to effectively discharge of our obligations for the provision of safe equipment and systems.


PJL monitors safety performance of its equipment and systems in service and, in appropriate cases, advises customers or suppliers of relevant safety issues.


PJL supports its customers by understanding applicable safety standards and co-operating with those customers in providing information where relevant to the operation of the equipment and systems. Information relevant safety matters is also provided to PJL’s suppliers.


The elements of this approach that assure the delivery of safety are:

  • To select and manage suppliers, ensuring that they are both competent to perform the task and that they fully understand their safety obligations
  • To provide specifications and procedures which are clear and unambiguous
  • To implement effective management of ongoing activities
  • To implement effective management of change
  • To carry out relevant checks and audits


PJL is committed to doing all that we can to combat slavery and human trafficking.  PJL realises that slavery and human trafficking occurs in many forms, such as forced labour, child labour, domestic servitude and workplace abuse (“Modern Slavery”).


PJL has a zero-tolerance approach to Modern Slavery and we monitor the supply chain to ensure that Modern Slavery is not taking place within our business or our suppliers.


PJL is an equal opportunities employer; employing people from diverse backgrounds adds value to the way PJL operates.


PJL recruits, selects and promotes based on the most relevant aptitudes, abilities and skills to do the job. PJL though i-2-1 meetings and personal development plans identifies and invests in training, provided either internal or through externally led courses. Training is available to all, based on assessments of their personal development and business competency needs.


PJL seeks to communicate regularly with its employees. As well as the formal daily and weekly floor management system meetings, informal daily interactions amongst colleagues, PJL holds quarterly staff ‘Town Halls’ and encourages participation in team meetings.

Flexible Working

Through a range of flexible working options PJL recognises the need for a work-life balance.