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Train Safety and Surveillance Systems


Our range of intelligent train systems – eyeTrain – which is now in its sixth generation has been designed to offer fast and easy deployment, reducing project complexity, shortening lead times and delivering cost savings.


Our lifesaving surveillance and train safety systems are completely modular, so you can select from a range of options to meet your requirements from CCTV and APC to our DCO and ASDO.


The eyeTrain products, which can also be used independently, integrate into the system architecture of a train and have been specifically designed to perform in the harsh conditions of the rail environment, maintaining a high level of reliability, dependability and requiring a low level of maintenance. This provides a lean life cycle cost (LCC) and will help ensure RAMS (Reliability, Availability Maintainability, Safety) standards and requirements are met. 


eyeTrain Connect

All of our products are supported by our eyeTrain Connect back-office software and services, which allow you to monitor and analyse status, condition and positional data in real time to avoid service and operating affecting incidents and failures. 


Providing real-time data eyeTrain Connect gives you accurate analysis of your vehicles and on-board equipment, including status, usage and condition data on a train-by-train level, through any internet enabled device. 

Key features

With eyeTrain Connect running on each unit, the accessibility of data and video data helps operators to share information, increase fleet uptime and reduce operating costs.

Why Choose Our Rail Solutions?

  • Our thousands of products in rolling stock, can be upgraded and modified meaning you can have the latest in technology, without a redundancy in products. 
  • Modular DCO or separate systems: independence from the TCMS makes an ideal solution for retrofit fleets
  • Safety: SIL2 as standard, ASDO deployed through software, no infrastructure required, increased safety reduced rail network cost
  • Drives operating efficiency: fast, flexible deployment through configuration
  • Increased timetable adherence
  • Can deploy with eyeTrain Connect cloud based back office system: provides data analytics and live video footage

Safety at heart

eyeTrain is compliant with the latest legislation and regulations. eyeTrain operates with SIL2 as standard, maximising safety for passengers and operators.  It comes ready for accreditation, particularly needed when your operations also require ASDO / CSDE functionality. 

Able to operate independently of the trains TCMS, eyeTrain Generation6 is the perfect solution for fleet upgrades, able to quickly deploy the latest functionality to your fleet.

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