Greater Anglia FLIRT

Case Study

The FLIRT UK is part of the Stadler FLIRT family, built for several different service operators in various mission profiles. In 2017
Petards were awarded a contract to supply CCTV, DCO and Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO) systems to enhance the surveillance capability and operational flexibility of the Class 745 and Class 755 units. The fleet is now in passenger service.


Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO)

Petards CCTV, DCO and ASDO systems were integrated into the fleet as follows:

  • 10 x Class 745/0 InterCity EMU-12
  • 10 x Class 745/1 AirportExpress EMU-12
  • 24 x Class 755/4 BMU-4
  • 14 x Class 755/3 BMU-3

Engineering activities commenced in Q 1 2017 with first equipment deliveries starting in June 2017 all hardware deliveries are now complete and the units have entered passenger service.

The project has provided the trains and driver with enhanced capability in the areas of security and surveillance through CCTV
coverage of both the internal and external areas combined with pantograph, forward facing and track debris monitoring systems
integrated with our video management software.

Additionally, the digital eyeTrain ASDO solution has enhanced the flexibility of the fleet across peak and off peak periods,
allowing longer trains to be immediately and safely deployed where short passenger platforms are in place, maximising availability of rolling stock.

Driver Controlled Operation (DCO)

The system automatically combines multiple data sources to identify which doors should be locked out of service at each stopping point without the need for track infrastructure.

An in-cab display provides the driver with confirmation of the train location, the proposed door release pattern and the door
interlock status. The driver can override the ASDO interlock pattern or quickly release all doors in an emergency egress condition.

DCO minimises platform dwell time whilst ensuring passenger safety.

The DCO system displays clear, live images of each doorway to the train driver, facilitating the safe boarding and alighting of passengers.

The solution provides a significant safety advantage over platform mounted mirrors or screens as the train driver can continue to monitor the side of the train for possible hazards during departure.

Standards Compliance

Our eyeTrain ASDO/DCO solution is developed in accordance with SIL2. eyeTrain ASDO/DCO complies with client approved development processes and: EN 50155, EN 50121, BS EN ISO 14001:2004 (EMS 534323), PAS 99:2012 (IMR 534323), The ‘Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme’ (RISQS) (formerly Achilles Link-up), and ISO 9001:2015 (FM21102).