Hitachi CL800 Series APC

Case Study

Petards holds multi-million-euro framework contracts with Hitachi Rail Europe Limited to supply Automatic Passenger Counting
(APC) Systems for the Class 800 series.



Via the framework agreements APC systems are in operation with the following Train Operating Companies:

  • London Northeastern Railway (Intercity Express Programme)
  • Great Western Railway (Intercity Express Programme)
  • Great Western Railway (West of England service)
  • Hull Trains
  • Trans Pennine Express
  • East Coast Trains (Open Access)


Optimising fleet performance, the eyeTrain APC can be used to prevent under and over occupancy and advise passengers of seat availability, with an accuracy typically 99%.

The digital system determines passenger flow in both directions through vertical infra red detectors positioned at all vehicle doors,
allowing the movement of passengers to be studied on a car by car and door by door basis.

The collected passenger load data is automatically combined with the vehicle name/number, station location plus time and date fields at a central data server, allowing you to set timetables and routes that match the measured passenger demand.

It improves passenger experience, safety and maximises the profitability of the fleet by ensuring that the right trains are in the
right place at the right time.