Porterbrook Class 769

Case Study

October 2020 saw Petards awarded a contract, worth in excess of £1.3 million by Porterbrook, for the supply of its eyeTrain systems to be fitted to 19 off Class 769 Flex trains, which are the UK’s first tri-mode trains, capable of running on overhead and third rail electric lines as well as under their own diesel power. The trains will be operated by Great Western Railway and are expected to be introduced on services running between Reading and Gatwick during 2021.



  • Supply of DCO & ASDO System for 19 Trainsets
  • Delivery of Test Wall
  • Associated Spares
  • Engineering Services

Project awarded in October 2020 with a rapid project schedule requiring delivery of all equipment, in one drop, just over 4 months
following contract award.

The entire project was delivered during COVID 19 pandemic with Petards and Porterbrook required to adapt to the restrictions in order to deliver to the rapid project schedule.

The project was delivered on time and on specification in February 2021 by Petards. This is a true example of how Petards eyeTrain
systems can be rapidly deployed to meet our customers requirements.


The eyeTrain ASDO solution enhances flexibility of the fleet across peak and off peak periods, allowing longer trains to be immediately and safely deployed onto services where short platforms are in place, maximising the availability of rolling stock. The system automatically combines multiple data sources to identify which doors should be locked out at each stopping point without the need for track infrastructure. The system is independent of the trains TCMS which allows for easier retrofit onto existing rolling stock.

DCO minimises platform dwell time whilst ensuring passenger safety. The DCO system displays clear, live images of each doorway to the train driver, facilitating the safe boarding and alighting of passengers. The solution provides a significant safety advantage over platform mounted mirrors or screens as the train driver can continue to monitor the side of the train for possible hazards during departure.