Driver Reminder Appliance

Ensure the safety of your fleet, simply and cost effectively

Reduce incidents of ‘Starting Against Signal’ (SAS) and ‘Signals Passed at Danger’ (SPADs).

Our Driver Reminder Appliance has been designed to help you reduce the risk of SAS and SPAD incidents easily, efficiently and cost effectively.


It is a manual switch-based system. It prevents traction power from being applied when it is engaged and acts as a reminder to the driver to check the signal aspect ahead when stationary, before starting away again.


Drivers are required to set the Driver Reminder Appliance:

  • When stopped at a red signal
  • When leaving the cab
  • When stopped at a station where the last signal passed was displaying a caution aspect and the next signal is not visible.

The Driver Reminder Appliance must only be reset when the signal has cleared to a proceed aspect. If the driver is stopping when a cautionary aspect has been passed, the Driver Reminder Appliance can be reset to proceed towards the next signal but serves as a reminder that the driver may be approaching a stop signal.

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Support and accreditations

Ruggedised technology and reliable support.

Part of our eyeTrain range of rail solutions, our Driver Reminder Appliance complies with Railway Group Standard GM/RT2491.

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