Re-introducing Petards Rail and our intelligent train technology


It may not have escaped your notice that we have recently refreshed our brand, our messaging and our website. These changes are part of a larger – and truly exciting – plan for Petards Rail and we wanted to give you an insight into why we made these advances and what they indicate for our future.  

A Fresh Approach for Petards Rail

Petards Rail was established in 1992, with a history dating back to 1951, to manufacture and provide intelligent train technology to the global rail market. We combine this rich heritage with an innovative approach, to deliver to our customers cutting-edge data and video technology with exceptional customer service.


Today we are proud to have more than 60 years’ experience in innovation and over 30,000 cameras in action. With this in mind it was important to us that our brand, messaging and website reflect the company we have become, as well as the evolution of our technology.


Our eyeTrain technology includes forward facing cameras, track debris cameras, Driver Controlled Operation, Automatic Selective Door Operation, interior cameras, pantograph surveillance cameras, illuminators, automatic passenger counting and video analytics.

What’s more, customers can harness the power of data with our eyeTrain Connect software which allows users to monitor and analyse status, condition, and positional data in real-time to help them avoid service delays and reduce the risk and impact of incidents and failures.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the on-train surveillance system which best meets their needs, whether that is a robust and futureproof stand-alone product or a turnkey solution. Over the years we have refined our approach to ensure – through our high calibre technology and our extensive expertise – that we can provide an end-to-end solution tailored to the requirements of our customers.


Below is a glimpse into the Petards Rail flow:

  • Identification – eyeTrain offers an onboard vision system for detecting events.
  • Communication – eyeTrain Connect provides cloud-based event monitoring, data and video access.
  • Categorisation – machine learning, AI and algorithms.
  • Escalation – alert data and mapping.
  • Investigation – event and incident management.
  • Resolution – event resolution and work recovery.
  • Event closure – eyeTrain also offers an onboard vision system for verifying resolutions.

Whilst our technology has advanced over the years, our ethos remains the same. We are committed to delivering high-quality transformative solutions on time, within budget, to specification and in line with industry best practice, to ensure every customer gets the maximum value from their investment.


Petards Defence

You may have noticed that our new brand no longer incorporates our offer to the defence market. Don’t worry, we still manufacture and supply transformative technology to the global defence sector. We have simply chosen to separate our defence and rail propositions into two brands to better showcase the specialist technology and in-house expertise we offer each market.

Thank You from Petards Rail

As part of our rebrand exercise, we undertook a communications audit with a random selection of our customers, prospects and our employees to better understand how we can further improve our business. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who participated in the audit. Your insight and time were invaluable in developing our brand and marketing strategy and informing the development of our offer. 

What's Next for Petards Rail

These changes are only the start of our journey. They are reflective of further improvements we are making across the business to ensure we fulfil, and even exceed, our commitments to our customers, our employees, our community and the environment.

Our vision is to be the leading company for intelligent train technology, providing our customers with advanced solutions and dynamic services which help them to improve rail safety, enhance passenger satisfaction, and save time and money. A core way in which we will do this is through continuous improvement and we intend to achieve this by refining our tried, tested and trusted technology; R & D; the adoption of AI; and maintaining and growing our industry accreditations.

Throughout the year you will also see our team of experts, showcasing our brand and technology, at a range of industry events. This includes Rail Scotland Conference, RIA Innovation Conference 2023, Rail Live, TRAKO 2023, and the Rolling Stock Networking (RSN) Show 2023, to name but a few. Most notably, our General Manager, Grant Harley will be presenting ‘The Petards Flow – Real world integration of CCTV systems with network infrastructure management’ at The Rise of IOT and Big Data in Rail in Cologne, 31 May – 1 June 2023.

Our progress doesn’t end there. In coming months, we will not only share our event attendance and company news with you, but also case studies of our product applications, updates on our CSR activity and insight into our in-house expertise.

To keep up to date with our journey, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn.

For more information on our intelligent train technology, contact our team.

Re-introducing Petards Rail and our intelligent train technology